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Traditional Rongoā Māori Healing Clinic

Are you in pain? Do you or your whānau have physical ailments, mental health conditions or spiritual matters that are weighing you down and holding you back?

Have you struggled with Western methods of Healthcare? Are you unsure about what to do next?

Are you looking for some guidance in your journey? Do you need a miracle?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, our services might be right for you.

Te Kaha o IO is The Power of God, the power of the Universe, the power of the source of all Creation. Our Mahi is conducted by experienced Tohunga Matakite o IO, Seers/Priestesses who work through the Power of Creation. However you perceive spirituality, regardless of your background or beliefs, we do not discriminate. We welcome people from all walks of life and all forms of identification. We follow Traditional Ancient Māori practices and maintain a strict Kaupapa Māori with our Whakapapa o IO Healing.

We offer:

  • Purea – Cleansing of Mauri
  • Romiromi – Manipulation of Mauri
  • Mirimiri – Soothing Body Massage
  • Mirimiri-a-Wairua – Spiritual Massage
  • Karakia and Whakawhiti Kōrero with Matekitetanga – Intuitive IO-guided Conversation and Counsel
  • House Cleansing, Clearing and Blessing
  • Entity Removal
  • Closure of Makutu
  • Placing of Tapu
  • Balms, Creams, Tonics, Tinctures and Blessings for a wide variety of Ailments and Situations.
  • Tohu Tapu – Sacred Totems (Ikons) spiritually powered up to perform various functions, such as to Protect your whare, invite Good Fortune, promote Healing, improve Guidance, help with Sleep, etc.
We can deliver our services to you or you can visit our clinic in Frankton, Hamilton. 
Contact us for more information, to get a quote or to make a booking. 

Strictly by Appointment only. Phone us on 0274 TEKAHA (0274 835242), email [email protected] or reach out to us on social media @tekahaoio. 

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